Cardview In Flutter

Cardview In Flutter :

In this post learn how to create ListView inside a cardview in flutter.

A material design card. A card has slightly rounded corners and a shadow. Card is class extends StatelessWidget. Card evevation is must be null or non – negative.

Cardview In Flutter


Cardview use
1) Listview inside a cardview in flutter
2) Card inside image, column, row, padding etc widgets

Flutter cardview properties:
1) color: Cardview background color
2) elevation: Shadow
3) shape: 1) RoundedRectangleBorder 2) BeveledRectangleBorder 3) StadiumBorder
shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(
borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(15.0),
child: Text(
‘Card with circular border’,
textScaleFactor: 1.2,

      shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(
                            side: BorderSide(
                              color: Colors.deepOrange,
                              width: 1.0,
                            borderRadius: BorderRadius.only(
                                bottomLeft: Radius.circular(20.0),
                                topRight: Radius.circular(20.0)),

4) borderOnForeground: This property by defalut true.
5) margin
6) clipBehavior
7) child
8) semanticContainer: This property by defalut true.
Indicates a single semantic container, or false indicates a collection of single semantic nodes, which accepts a single child, but the child can be a Row, Column, or other widget containing a list of children.

For example:
child: Column() then semanticContainer: true.

1) Listview inside a cardview in flutter

2) Card inside image in flutter

                           height: 250,
                           child: Card(
                             child: Image.asset(
                               fit: BoxFit.cover,
                             shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(
                               borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(10.0),
                             elevation: 5,
                             margin: EdgeInsets.all(10),

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