Extensions In Flutter

Extensions In Flutter :

Extensions In Flutter
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'package:fluttertoast/fluttertoast.dart';
import 'package:mobex_blynk/utils/vars.dart';

extension ContextExtensions on BuildContext {
  double widthInPercent(BuildContext context, double percent) {
    var toDouble = percent / 100;
    return MediaQuery.of(context).size.width * toDouble;

  double heightInPercent(BuildContext context, double percent) {
    var toDouble = percent / 100;
    return MediaQuery.of(context).size.height * toDouble;

  void toastInfo(String message) {
        msg: message,
        backgroundColor: Colors.white,
        textColor: Colors.black,
        gravity: ToastGravity.CENTER,
        timeInSecForIos: 1);

  void toastError(String message) {
        msg: message,
        backgroundColor: Colors.red[300],
        textColor: Colors.white,
        gravity: ToastGravity.CENTER,
        timeInSecForIos: 1);

  showProgress() {
        barrierDismissible: false,
        builder: (context) => Container(
              alignment: FractionalOffset.center,
              child: CircularProgressIndicator(
                  valueColor: AlwaysStoppedAnimation<Color>(colorProgressBar)),

  void hideProgress(BuildContext context) {

 Text('').padding(EdgeInsets.only(bottom: (12)))
 Container(child: Text('f')).cardView(EdgeInsets.all(12), EdgeInsets.all(12)),
 Center(child: Image.asset('assets/images/.png', color: Colors.grey, height: 30)).circleAvatar();
 widget.roundCircleButton(Icons.navigate_next, false, _loginValidate);
extension WidgetExtensions on Widget {
  padding(EdgeInsets edgeInsets) => Padding(padding: edgeInsets, child: this);

  cardView(EdgeInsets margin, EdgeInsets padding) => Container(
      decoration: BoxDecoration(
          borderRadius: BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(16.0)),
          color: Colors.white,
          boxShadow: [
                color: Colors.black26,
                blurRadius: 10.0, // has the effect of softening the shadow
                spreadRadius: 0.5, // has the effect of extending the shadow
                offset: Offset(
                    0, // horizontal, move right 10
                    0 // vertical, move down 10
      child: this,
      margin: margin,
      padding: padding);

  marginVisible({EdgeInsets edgeInsets, bool isVisible = true}) => Visibility(
      visible: isVisible,
      child: Container(
          margin: (edgeInsets == null) ? EdgeInsets.all(0) : edgeInsets,
          child: this));

  circleAvatar({double radius, Color color}) =>
      CircleAvatar(radius: radius, backgroundColor: color, child: this);

  roundCircleButton(IconData iconData, bool isMini, VoidCallback voidCallback) =>
          elevation: 1,
          clipBehavior: Clip.antiAlias,
          mini: isMini,
          onPressed: voidCallback,
          child: Ink(
              decoration: BoxDecoration(
                  gradient: LinearGradient(colors: gradientsButton)),
              child: Stack(fit: StackFit.expand, children: <Widget>[
                Icon(iconData, size: 30, color: Colors.black)

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