Flutter Interview Questions

Flutter Interview Questions :

Flutter Interview Questions:

Flutter Interview Questions

1) Hot Reload

You modified your code won’t to be re – executed. This codes are sent into a running Dart Virtual Machine. VM reloads all the update code and libraries. Hot – reload is update classes with new the new of functions and fileds, flutter is provide automatically rebuild, re layout the widget tree. It is allowing quickly view the effects of the changes.

Limitation of Hot – Reload in flutter

Hot – reload is not supported

  • enum
  • class used to constant value (fixed type)
  • Generic types

2) key

  • Key is unique identifier of the widget.
  • Use : Two or more Container
  • Example: Container(key:key(”))

3) await

Use : await only use inside the async
It is suspends currently running function until the result is completed. Result is completion pf future.

4) Asyc

  • Async: Modifier
  • Use: Get the data from internet.
  • When body has executed, that returned by result, that result may be error or successful of response.

5) FutureBuilder

  • It is build itself, provide the latest AsyncSnapshots. It is working one type of bridge between Futures and the UI.

6) Media Query

Media query is depends device height and width.
var deviceSize = MediaQuery.of(context).size;

1) deviceSize.height
2) deviceSize.width

7) Json Mapping

  • Parse json response came from web service.

8) path_provider

  • get the location of the file as TemporaryDirectory and ApplicationDocumentDirectory.

9) Fetures

  • Future objects used to Asynchronous operations.
  • If you sometime your bloc long time of operation perform, we did not run the code block as an async the app freeze.
  • Asynchronous operations let your program run without getting blocked.
  • For example: Shooping app

10) BuildContext

  • A BuildContext is reference to the location of widgets within the tree structure of all widgets which are built.
  • A BuildContext only belongs to one widget.
  • As a State object is associated with a BuildContext, State object is not directly accessible through another BuildContext.

11) FormState

  • It is used to save, reset and validate every FormField that is descendant of the associated Form.
  • GlobalKey to save and get from values at any time and for validating.

12) Provider

  • It takes a value and expose it, whatever the value is.

13) How to make androidx app in flutter ?

  • flutter create –androidx project_name

14) SharedPreferences

  • SharedPreferences is used to storing data key – value pair. We can add int, String, double, List, bool using the SharedPreferences.
  • It is a persistent store data.

15) App change Icon

  • add dependencies: flutter_launcher_icons
  • command line run
    1) flutter pub get
    2) flutter pub pub run

16) MobX Pattern

MobX is state – management library. That makes to connect the reactive data of your application with the UI. This wiring is completely automatic data feels very natural.

17) MobX principles

1) We have access to an Observable selection of state. (i.e. variables that change over the cource of our application).
2) We can display these state items within our view and respond to Action intents.
3) We can modify the state and thus, update our Observable and corresponding views.

18) Platform Channel

Platformm channels provide a simple mechanism for communicating between your Dart code and the platform – specific code of your host app. This means you can expose a platform service in your host app code and have it invoked from the Dart code.

19) fromJson

Every time when we need to parse a single class object.
You can find special named constructor .fromJson which constructs class from Map. This map will be created by Dio from endpoint response.

20) mainAxisAlignment and crossAxisAlignment?

  • Row
  • horizontal – mainAxisAlignment
  • vertical – crossAxisAlignment
  • Column
  • horizontal – crossAxisAlignment
  • vertical – mainAxisAlignment

21) If you your project ios folder remove your application run or not?

  • Run your application.

22) Type of ListView in flutter?

1) ListView.builder
2) ListView
3) ListView.separated
4) ListView.custom
5) ListView(
scrollDirection: Axis.horizontal,
children: List.generate(filterItemList.length, (index) {});

23) ListView which property use horizontal and vertical data set?
1) scrollDirection: Axis.vertical,
2) scrollDirection: Axis.horizontal,

Axis is returns horizontal or vertical.

24) Types of gridview flutter?

1) GridView.count()
2) GridView.builder()
3) GridView.custom()
4) GridView.extend()

25) When the state changes, widgets …….

26) What is the material library which contains Flutter widgets implementing Material Design?

27) What type of widgets are used by Flutter to achieve Pixcel Perfect in iOS UI?

28) Which type of animation allows you In – between animations?

29) Which type of animation allows you to represent real – world behaviour?

30) Each widgets is an ……. declaration of part of the user interface?

31) Skia library is used by flutter for rendering. This helps flutter run fast. What is the other google product which uses Skia for rendering?

32) What type of Widgets are created for dynamic type?
Stateful widget

33) Which type of animation is governed by physic laws and forces?

34) What type of widgets are created for static type?
Stateless widgets

35) FlutterActivity

  • Activity which displays a fullscreen Flutter UI.
  • FlutterActivity is the simplest and most direct way to integrate Flutter within an Android app.
  • The Dart entrypoint executed within this Activity is “main()” by default. The entrypoint may be specified explicitly by passing the name of the entrypoint method as a String in EXTRA_DART_ENTRYPOINT, e.g., “myEntrypoint”.
  • The Flutter route that is initially loaded within this Activity is “/”.

36) Flutter uses ……. compilation to increase the speed while execting.

37) What is the name of the Google project to bring flutter or web?
Humming Bird

38) What Library is used for rendering by flutter?

39)FlutterActivity responsibilities?

  • Displays an Android launch screen.
  • Displays a Flutter splash screen.
  • Configures the status bar appearance.
  • Chooses the Dart execution app bundle path and entrypoint.
  • Chooses Flutter’s initial route.
  • Renders Activity transparently, if desired.
  • Offers hooks for subclasses to provide and configure a FlutterEngine.

40) Eliminates the Use of XML files

Android application develop then work is separated into layout and code. Layout should be written in XML and Views written in java. Since flutter is everything widget.

41) BLoC

The loading state can be represented by the values of a stream inside a BLoC.

BehaviourSubject is special stream controller that gives us synchronous access to the last value of the stream.
As an alternative to BloC, we could use a BehaviourSubject to keep track of the loading state, and update it as needed.

42) ValueNotifier

A ValueNotifier can be used to hold a single value, and notify its listeners when this changes.

43) widget

  • Widget as a visual component (or a component that interacts with the visual aspect of an application).
  • Flutter, everything is a Widget, down to the final build.call()
  • Every Widget has its own build() and its context.
  • The BuildContext is the parent of the widget returned by the build() method.
  • BuildContext of the Widget that calls build() is not the same as the build context of the widget returned by build().

44) Context

  • Context is indicates location of the widget in widget tree.
  • A context only belongs to one widget.
  • Context is a BuildContext instance which gets passed to the builder of a widget in order to let it know where it is inside the Widget Tree of your app.
  • Each widget in Widget tree has own context, and context is directly attached to state of object. Attachment is permeant mean context of the widget will not be change in entire life time of the App.
  • Each widget has its own BuildContext, which becomes the parent of the widget returned by the StatelessWidget.build or State.build function. (And similarly, the parent of any children for RenderObjectWidgets.)
  • Widget we can imaging context in Parent/child manner.
  • Widget tree like Container -> Column -> Text->Button->Image. Here Each Widget in widget tree has own context like Container has it’s own context. Column has it’s own context… same for others. And context is permanent for it’s widget.
  • Container widget known as Parent widget in Widget tree and others are child widgets. So same We can imagine Context of Container widget also know as Parent context and others are child context.
  • State objects with a BuildContext after creating them with StatefulWidget.createState and before calling initState. The association is permanent: the State object will never change its BuildContext. However, the BuildContext itself can be moved around the tree.
  • BuildContext objects are actually Element objects. The BuildContext interface is used to discourage direct manipulation of Element objects.

45) of()

Widgets that want to use the State of inherited widgets need to be able to reference those inherited widgets. This usually comes in the form of the of method.

46) RenderObject

  • When you create any Widget, then widget itself has only configuration information mean If you create Opacity widget then main work of Opacity widget is to manage ‘opacity’ property that either 0 or 1. They don’t care about it’s child. Actually Child is created/Render some where else. That’s why we called each time create widget is not more expensive.
  • So we can say Widget is only blue-print, Layout/Rendering has been done some where else.

47) Element

  • Element is nothing but instance of the widget at particular location in Widget tree.
  • When widget created, It inflated into Element. And element get inserted it into the tree at particular location.
  • Widget is immutable but element is mutable property.
  • Most of Elements has single child property like, Container, Opacity, Center etc and Some Elements has multiple children call children property. Like Column, Row, ListView and Etc.
  • Element are created by “createElement()” method.

48) NoSuchMethodError: The getter ‘focusScopeNode’ was called on null?

  • Basically that is error context.
    //Navigator.pop(context); //Remove this line

49) Flutter or Dart capitalize first character or word?


50) Arrow Operator in flutter?

  • Arrow Operator is a short hand in Dart. only one line of code.

51) Flutter ListView shadow remove or disable?

  • physics: ClampingScrollPhysics(); That is used to multiple listview in flutter application.

52) Flutter keyboard hide.

  • FocusScope.of(context).requestFocus(FocusNode());

53) Flutter logout after redirect or move login page?

const String loginRoute = '/login';
Navigator.of(context).pushNamedAndRemoveUntil(loginRoute, (Route<dynamic> route) => false);

//route define main.dart
routes: <String, WidgetBuilder>{
      '/': (context) => SplashScreenPage(),
      loginRoute: (BuildContext context) => LoginPage(),

56) Flutter or dart remove single items using BLoC pattern?

List<DispatchResponse> removeJobId = state.dispatchList;
removeJobId.removeWhere((item) => item.jobId == 'remove unquie id');
yield state.copyWith(jobId: null, dispatchList: removeJobId);

57) How to call or define BlocBuilder?

UserBloc _userBloc;
  _userBloc = BlocProvider.of<UserBloc>(context);

   BlocBuilder(bloc: _userBloc, builder: (context, UserState snapshot) 
      return Container();

58) Flutter circle image using assets folder.

 CircleAvatar(backgroundImage: ExactAssetImage(imageProfile))

59) Flutter or Dart get current date and time?

final timestamp = DateTime.now();
print('Tag' + timestamp.toIso8601String());


60) How to get 2 date difference or calculation?

final timestamp = DateTime.now();
final timeToExpiry = timestamp.difference(DateTime.now()).inSeconds;
print('Tag' + timeToExpiry.toString());

61) UserAccountsDrawerHeader set background color in flutter?

    decoration: BoxDecoration(
        color: Colors.red,
    accountName: Text(sessionUsername),
    accountEmail: Text(mail),
    currentAccountPicture: CircleAvatar(
        backgroundColor: Colors.red,
        backgroundImage: NetworkImage(gravatarUrl),

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