Fold Dart

Fold Dart :

  • reduce can only be used on non-empty collections with functions that returns the same type as the types contained in the collection.
  • fold can be used in all cases.
    For instance you cannot compute the sum of the length of all strings in a list with reduce.
Fold Dart

iterable.fold(0, (prev, element) => prev + element);

Uses initialValue as the initial value, then iterates through the elements and updates the value with each element using the combine function.

var foldDart =  listASCGiveCharge.fold(0, (t, e) => t + e.amount * e.qty);
print('foldDart' + data.toString());
final list = ['a', 'bb', 'ccc']; // compute the sum of all length
list.fold(0, (t, e) => t + e.length);

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