Food Cafe Flutter App

When you login food cafe application must be google login.

Food cafe application information

Food cafe application that very useful in food shop. That is admin application.  Provide the different types of functionality likes order, change order status (pending, accepted, ready, dispatched), notification,  new order, pause menu (online order, offline order, different type of recipe not order), turn of ordering (stop order details), new order, kds view (stock view), profile edit, change password, logout etc.

More than 22 application screen shot. provide the application structure very good, easy to understand developer and clients.

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  1. Food cafe application make by flutter and Getx pattern use.

Getx pattern is flutter and more detail provide below

Food cafe application source code detail

  1. Food cafe application code
  2. APK
  3. Screen shot
  4. Food cafe application video
  5. (logic and how to apk build)

Application functionality

  1. BottomSheet Dialog not height is content and outsite click the page automatically hide.
  2. Switch dynamic widget.
  3. Extensions use.
  4. getx use in food cafe application.
  5. Food cafe application search (filter) getx using visibility.
  6. Logout clear history.
  7. All syntax is getx written reactive approx.
  8. Best coding structure in flutter.
  9. Google login using getx.
  10. Validation using getx.
  11. Getx using search
  12. All find food cafe getx application
  13. perticular page search in flutter
  14. group by search getx in flutter

groupby search using getX in flutter. Two ways search are groupby in flutter.
1) Search the groupby child tree, only that data show other parent and child data not display.
2) child tree search value only that data show and other only parent data show.

For example: Cricket team bol and bat.
Shikhar Dhawan
Cheteshwar Pujara
Virat Kohli

Ravichandran Ashwin
Jasprit Bumrah

1) You can search Shikhar show only parent name (bat) and child (Shikhar Dhawan).
2) You can search Jasprit show only parent name (bol) and child (Jasprit Bumrah) and other parent likes bat only show bat.

Screenshot 1 :

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 2:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 3:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 4:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 5:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 6:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 7:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 8:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 9:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 10:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 11:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 12:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 13:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 14:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 15:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 16:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 17:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 18:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 19:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 20:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 21:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 22:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 23:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 24:

Food Cafe Flutter App

Screenshot 25:

Food Cafe Flutter App


  • Preparation time issue solved.
  • NEW ORDER and ALL FIND PAGE preparation time will be changes pending page notify of value.
  • All FIND PAGE changes UI and hintText.
  • Dialog change button name Find replace to All find.
  • Extra order item added pending, accepted, ready, dispatched, new order, all find.
  • Profile added
  • Display your report.
  • When Profile edit user, back to screen user details automatically changed.
  • Previous profile change the title name and new title is Profile Edit.
  • pause menu group-by search error solved.
  • Pending, accepted, ready, dispatched, new order and all find added the toast message.
  • extensions.dart change the toast().
  • Swipe to refresh added Pending, accepted, ready, dispatched, turn of ordering, past order, new order, KDS View, All Find.
    Change the background color and indicator color
    1) const refreshBackgroundColor = Colors.deepOrange;
    2) const refreshColor = Colors.white;
  • controller package changes rxList .value remove added the .assignAll(). For example: rxPendingList


  • Preparation time issue solved.
  • NEW ORDER and ALL FIND PAGE preparation time will be changes pending page notify of value.
  • All FIND PAGE changes UI and hintText. – Dialog change button name Find replace to All find.


  • Remove all the pages ListView.builder set extensions.dart
    {int length,
    Function(BuildContext context, int index) itemBuilder}) =>
    ListView.builder(itemCount: length, itemBuilder: itemBuilder);
  • Order personal details (name, mobile, latlong, email, address) added new functionality in pending, accept, ready, dispatched
  • emptyWidget change old: emptyWidget() new: emptyWidget({String message = dataNotMessage}) //set the custom message
    • dataNotMessage: Data not available
  • Top search icon animation.
  • Search TextField change set prefix icon
  • All find change all_find_page.dart
  • remove appbar added the Search TextField
  • Login controller change.
  • Some of method moved to HomeController.
  • order_detail.dart new added information set icon, veg or non veg icon and weight sum change.
  • appBarElevation common value.dart
    const appBarElevation = 0.3

New functionality 11/24/2020
1) Every 1 minute calling api and change the notification values.
2) GetX state management pattern using change the notification counter value using firebase.
3) Remove flutter firebase deprecated document method.
1) Firebase new method creat the instance in flutter: FirebaseFirestore.instance()

2) Flutter deprected firebase method: documents
(response) => TempleEventResponse.fromDocument(response))

Flutter new firebase method:
Stream> fetchNotificationCounter() =>
.map((docs) => docs.docChanges
.map((response) =>


  • Get new update support http
  • Get value deprecated method new is assignAll().
    implement this application assignAll() PauseMenuController class -> findRecipeName() method
    //for example
  • Get new update support http


  • Profile edit page set profile image from camera.
  • if else condition remove the validation. New is switch case validation.
    Login, Register, Forgot password, Change password, Profile Edit.
  • Login page social icon and colors set proper way.
  • pause menu page remove the search functionality.
  • Added new functionality group-by data display.
  • group-by search using getx
  • Validation RegExp define resource package.

Food Cafe Mobile Platform 11-12-20 FRI FRIDAY Source Code

Download Source Code

NotificationCounterResponse.fromDocumentSnapshot(DocumentChange documentChange) {
  pending = documentChange.doc["pending"];
  accepted = documentChange.doc["accepted"];
  ready = documentChange.doc["ready"];
  dispatched = documentChange.doc["dispatched"];

4) All data find in appBar click the search icon and find button press.
5) food cafe application support the web using getx pattern:
Getx support the web and that application integrated firestore database.
6) flutter web can not support the secure storage so that remove secure storage flutter and add to new shared_preferences.
7) GetX using firebase auth or firebase google login.
8) google login code change add the proper way.
9) getx using clear history flutter.
Get.offNamedUntil(loginRoute, (_) => false);
10) GetX using listview empty, data available set the refesh view.
11) This application can not used to GetBuilder, that is simple way get pattern. Food cafe application is all syntax writes are react approach way.
12) getx pattern using flutter best application free source code provide the word best site and not available my github

firestore integrate web in flutter: step integrate firestore in flutter:
1) index.html add

<script src=""></script>
   <script src=""></script>
   <script src=""></script>
   <script src=""></script>
  // Your web app's Firebase configuration
  // For Firebase JS SDK v7.20.0 and later, measurementId is optional
  var firebaseConfig = {
    apiKey: "AIzaSyC_jAhj7a_9HrAUppufV1ZkwuQanJou2LM",
    authDomain: "",
    databaseURL: "",
    projectId: "food-cafe-e84f7",
    storageBucket: "",
    messagingSenderId: "640956654996",
    appId: "1:640956654996:web:bea37497fe38e6396b9b81",
    measurementId: "G-R12VCP8RJH"
  // Initialize Firebase

Food cafe application logic part

  1.  Preparation Time login

   If value % 10 == 0 value selected display else un-select

  • Biker boy / Delivery boy information

Class name: DeliveryPersonInformation

  • Class name


  • When data not available class name and method : extensions.dart, emptyWidget()
  • Data progressbar class name and method: extensions.dart, dataCircleProgressIndicator()

Extension method use:

import ‘package:food_cafe/utils/extensions.dart’;

  1. stateless class: functionName();
  2. stateful class: widget.functionName();
  • Bottom navigation bar
  • Tab 1) Pending class name: pending_page.dart

Change the notification counter every 1 minute. (Bottom tab counter – notification_min_controller.dart)

  • Tab 2) Accepted class name: accepted_page.dart
  • Tab 3) Ready class name: ready_page.dart
  • Tab 4) Dispatched class name: dispatched_page.dart

   All 4 tab contain the initState() that used to clear common search textField.

   – Appbar right side search icon press the open search dialog (dialog_search.dart)

  • class name and function name: home_page.dart and _bottomBar()


icon: _renderTabBar(

iconData: tabPendingIcon,


                          _homeController.currentPageIndex.value == pendingIndex),

label: drawerMenuPending),

   – iconData: Set icon

   – selectIndex: Select the current index, change background color notification

   – label: Set label name

  1. Drawer Menu
  2. Drawer class name: drawer_menu.dart
  •  Pause Menu class name: pause_menu_page.dart
  • Turn Of Ordering class name: turn_of_ordering.dart
  • Past Order class name:past_order_page.dart
  • New order class name: new_order_page.dart
  • KDS View class name: kds_view_page.dart
  • Profile class name: profile_edit_page.dart
  • Logout exit dialog name: dialog_exit.dart
  • Notification
  • notification_page.dart
  • Dialog
  • GST, Delivery charge, CGST, SGST class name: order_detail.dart and method name showPopupWindow()
  • That is rendorbox dialog
  1. Extensions
  2. Without class name to accessed.
  3. Food cafe application extensions likes String, BuildContext, dynamic, widget etc.
  4. Dynamic extensionsused to condition check. For example. isNull, log print etc.
  •   Logout code class name and method: login_controller.dart and logout

Food Cafe Flutter App

Food Cafe Flutter App

To Download Source Code Click Here