Function Synchronous and Asynchronous In Flutter

Function Synchronous and Asynchronous In Flutter :

  • Synchronous function
  • It causes the system to wait for the execution of everything that is inside it, only to then continue executing the rest of the actions.
booltarefaFinalizada(index) =>tarefas[index].finalizada == true;
  • Asynchronous function
  • Asynchronous operations let your program complete work while waiting for another operation to finish.
  • Likes for:
  • Fetching data over a network.
  • Writing to a database.
  • Reading data from a file.
  • async
  • Indicates that the function is asynchronous and at some point you may have to wait to get some data.
  • An async method is NOT executed in parallel but following the regular sequence of events, handled by the Event Loop, too.
  • future
  • Flutterby default, single-threaded tasks are processed. If a new thread is not opened, tasks are processed in the main thread by default.
  • Dart is a single-threaded programming language
  • If you use Future.delayed or Future.value it actually puts it in the Microtask queue.
  • A Future is a mechanism that allows you to queue execution blocks into the event loop.
  • future to indicate that that function is asynchronous, or rather, that it will return a value in the “future”, such as: SUCCESS or ERROR after 5 seconds.

Future<T> object represents the result of an asynchronous operation which produces a result of type T. If the result is not usable value, then the future’s type is Future<void>. A Future represents a single value either a data or an error asynchronously

Future has 2 constructors:

  1. Future():enqueues right away
  2. Future.delayed(): wait x seconds before enqueuing.
  • await
  • Waits for the function to end. (Await basically holds the control flow, until the operation completes.)
Future<void>initializeSkynet() async => await http.put('initialize');

You use awaitwhen making calls that return one Future. This causes the system to wait for the asynchronous function call to finish before it can do the rest of things.

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