Future Get Result In Flutter

Future Get Result In Flutter :

This flutter tutorial post is Future return data, that data use flutter application. That commonly use common class.

Future Get Result In Flutter
Future<File> getImage()  async {
  var image = await ImagePicker.pickImage(source: ImageSource.camera);
  var result = await FlutterImageCompress.compressAndGetFile(
      image.absolute.path, image.absolute.path,
      quality: 50);

  return result;

//Future get the data
Future<File> image = getImage();
   image.then((data) {
   var fileBytes = new File(data.path).readAsBytesSync();
   String encodedFile = base64.encode(fileBytes);
   setState(() {
    File _image = data;
  }, onError: (e) {

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