get storage flutter

flutter provides the local storage data likes shared preferences, secure storage, local storage and get storage.

shared preferences: Wraps platform-specific persistent storage for simple data.
secure storage:

1) Keychain is used for iOS.
2) AES encryption is used for Android. AES secret key is encrypted with RSA and RSA key is stored in KeyStore.
3) local storage: Simple json file-based storage for flutter. That is support web, mobile.
4) get storage:
1) A fast, extra light and synchronous key-value in memory, which backs up data to disk at each operation. It is written entirely in Dart and easily integrates with Get framework of Flutter.
2) Supports Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Linux, and fuchsia and Windows.
3) specific container support.
4) store String, int, double, Map and List

get storage flutter

get storage flutter

Add pubspec:

Initialize storage driver with async:

main() async {
  await GetStorage.init();
  //initialize specific container
  await GetStorage.init('MyStorage');

GetStorage _storage = GetStorage('MyStorage');
final _storage = GetStorage();
_storage.write(key, value); //write; //Read
_storage.remove(Key); //particular or single key remove
_storage.erase(); //container remove.

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