GetX Important Points In Flutter

GetX Important Points In Flutter :

GetX Important Points In Flutter

GetInstance().put(controller, tag: widget.tag);
GetInstance().find(tag: widget.tag);

instance: isRegistered, delete, reset, lazyPut, putAsync, put, create. For example factory GetInstance() => getInstance ??= GetInstance.()
GetView: GetView is a great way of quickly access your Controller without having to call Get.find() yourself.
Obx is StatefulWidget.
GetBuilder(): To dispose an [id] from future updates(), this ids are registered by [GetBuilder()] or similar, so is a way to unlink the state change with the Widget from the Controller.
mixin GetStateUpdaterMixin on State { }
ObxValue: Similar to Obx, but manages a local state.Pass the initial data in constructor. Useful for simple local states, like toggles, visibility, themes, button states, etc.

Animation get:
class SplashController extends GetxController with SingleGetTickerProviderMixin
void onInit() {
//Animation controller define

get_utils provide extension :

  1. ContextExtensions
  2. Precision (Double Extensions)
  3. GetDurationUtils
  4. GetDynamicUtils: Use for log
  5. GetNumUtils: lower, greaterthan, euqal
  6. GetStringUtils: camelCase, removeAllWhitespace, capitalizeFirst, capitalize, isCaseInsensitiveContainsAny, isCaseInsensitiveContains, isCnpj, isCpf, isCurrency, isPalindrom, isPassport, isHexadecimal, isIPv6, isIPv4, isBinary, isSHA256, isSHA1, isMD5, isDateTime, isPhoneNumber, isEmail, isURL etc.
  7. WidgetPaddingX: padding, margin and WidgetSliverBox.

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