How To Learn (Start) Flutter

How To Learn (Start) Flutter :

  • How to learn (start) flutter ?
  • What is basic topic in flutter ?
How To Learn (Start) Flutter

1) Introduction flutter and dart.
2) How does JIT and AOT work in Dart ?
3) StatefulWidget StatelessWidget.
4) What is runApp and why use in flutter.
5) Flutter read the widgets :

  • Scaffold: change the background color.
  • appBar: change the color AppBar background, actions.
  • body:
  • bottomNavigationBar
  • persistentFooterButtons
  • Container: Border, shape, background color
  • Row and Column (Row: Row Horizontal mainAxisAlignment – RHM and Column is reverce property – CHC)
  • CardView
  • ScrollView: SingleChildScrollView
  • Gesture Detector
  • FlatButton, CircleAvatar, FloattingActionButton, FloattingActionButton with round circle inside arrow >,
  • Text, TextField (TextClear, SetText)
  • Login Screen design, validation.
  • Custom widget
  • extention
  • SilverAppBar
  • Radio, RadioListTitle
  • CheckBox: Multiple select, single select
  • Dart (OOP, class, interface, inheritance, ArrayList, Map)
  • GlobalKey Using child acess In Flutter
  • CheckboxListTitle single select and multiple select
  • ListView: SetState, increment and decrement program, shopping application use + -, total items sum.
  • Stack, IntrinsicHeight
  • Tab
  • Row map and column Map
  • Keyword: Feature, asyc, await
  • Future Get Result In Flutter
  • Pattern (BLoC and MoBX read)
  • BLoC : BlocBuilder, StreamBuilder, BlocProvider, MultiBlocProvider, BlocListener, MultiBlocListener.
  • BLOC using api call.
  • PageView
  • http: get, post, delete, header pass
  • Generic type
  • typedef
  • ExpandView, BackDrop
  • local database
  • animation
  • method channel

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