Installation Flutter in Windows :

1) Install Flutter in Windows
2) How to Install Flutter for Android Studio in Windows

Minimum requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
Disk Space: 400 MB (does not include disk space for Android Studio).

Software install

1) Git :
2) JDK :
3) Android Studio :
4) Install Flutter :
Flutter 3 types version available 1) Stable channel 2) Beta channel 3) Dev channel as your requirement then choose any one.

1) Open android studio menu bar click File -> Plugins -> install Flutter

2) Restart android studio.

3) Extract the downloaded RAR/ZIP Flutter file to the desired folder, e.g. C:/Flutter

4) Open Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings.

5) In System, Properties Please select the tab “Advanced” and select Environment Variables
New -> Open dialog ->
Variable name: Path
Variable value: C:\Users\kamal\Software\flutter\bin

6) Please restart Windows for system change.

7) Open cmd then type Flutter Doctor enter.

8) After cmd type flutter doctor –android-licenses enter.

1) Select “Start a bew Flutter project”.

Flutter Installation

2) Flutter Application select after next button press.

Flutter Installation

3) Project name:
Flutter SDK Path: Etract flutter folder set path
Project location: Store your application
Description: Application description

4) Company domain:
AndroidX: Click the checkbox.
Platform channel languages: As your requirement.

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