Local Notification in Flutter

Local Notification in Flutter :

Local Notification in Flutter
  FlutterLocalNotificationsPlugin localNotificationsPlugin =
  initializeNotifications() async {
    var initializeAndroid = AndroidInitializationSettings('ic_launcher');
    var initializeIOS = IOSInitializationSettings();
    var initSettings = InitializationSettings(initializeAndroid, initializeIOS);
    await localNotificationsPlugin.initialize(initSettings);

  Future singleNotification(
      DateTime datetime, String message, String subtext, int hashcode,
      {String sound}) async {
    var androidChannel = AndroidNotificationDetails(
      importance: Importance.Max,
      priority: Priority.Max,

    var iosChannel = IOSNotificationDetails();
    var platformChannel = NotificationDetails(androidChannel, iosChannel);
        hashcode, message, subtext, datetime, platformChannel,
        payload: hashcode.toString());

await singleNotification(
                  "Todo - $taskTitle",
                  "Looks like something intersting you have here...!!!",

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