Purpose Of Default File In Flutter

Purpose Of Default File In Flutter :

Purpose Of Default File In Flutter

1) android and ios

  • When the new flutter app creating then android and ios folder default created. Android folder some of files available manifest, gradle files etc.
  • You want to write platform specific code or add permissions, you will also edit this projects.

2) lib

  • The lib directory holds all your .dart files. The lib folder holds all the main.dart file, run your applicatin.

3) test

  • Test folder is used to store and manage the testing code for the application for example library folder.

4) gitignor

  • This files is a hidden file, store the list of files which need to be ignored when source code uploaded or checked into any get verioning system like for GitHub.

5) metadata

  • This file tracks properties of this Flutter project.

  • Used by Flutter tool to assess capabilities and perform upgrades etc.

  • This file should be version controlled and should not be manually edited.

6) pubspec.yaml

  • Here, we can add third party libraries. This is same android gradle files where you can add in dependencies.

7) purpose_of_flle.iml

  • .iml file is used by the editor engine to get the configuration of Java module which is used by this project moving on to.


  • Contain any information your application mention about the project. It is optional file.

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