Router Pass Argument In Flutter

Router Pass Argument In Flutter :

class Router {
  static Route<dynamic> generateRoute(RouteSettings settings) {
    switch ( {
      case '/':
        return MaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => ListAnnotationPage());
      case '/newAnotation':
        return MaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => CreatedAnnotationPage());
      case '/openAnnotation':
        //TODO PASS DATA
        var annotation = settings.arguments as Annotation;
        return MaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => CreatedAnnotationPage(anotation: annotation));
        class Annotation {
              final int id_anotation;
              String title; }   
        Navigator.pushNamed(context, '/openAnnotation', arguments: anotation);
      case '/searchPage':
        return MaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => SearchAnnotationPage());
        return MaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => ListAnnotationPage());

initialRoute: '/',
onGenerateRoute: Router.generateRoute,

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