Routes In Flutter

Routes In Flutter

Routes In Flutter

Routes mean collection of page in flutter application.

Routes use navigation (new page and back page) in flutter:

  1. Named: Navigator.pushNamed()
  2. Without named (call class name)

initalRoute: : ‘/’ indicator start the first screen. Your mind one of question ‘/’ what is this. This is first check routes: {} which is ‘/’ available then start the first screen.

Available: FirstScreen()

Not available ?:   Read the Router / Routing Setup

initialRoute: '/',
routes: {
    '/': (context) =>FirstScreen(),
    // When navigating to the "/second" route, build the SecondScreen widget.
    '/second': (context) =>SecondScreen(),

Router/ Routing Setup

Material app provide the property onGenerateRoute.  onGenerateRoute return the Route<dynamic> and take parameter in RouteSettings

class Router {
  Route<dynamic>generateRoute(RouteSettings settings) {}

Not available ?:   here your question solved. If route name not available then call the default in switch case.

static Route<dynamic>generateRoute(RouteSettings settings) {
switch ( {
case '/':
returnMaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => Home());
case '/feed':
returnMaterialPageRoute(builder: (_) => Feed());
builder: (_) => Scaffold(
body: Center(
child: Text('No route defined for ${}')),

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