Scaffold In Flutter

Scaffold In Flutter :

Scaffold In Flutter : today we gather information about what is the work of

Scaffold.of – Function is to call it from within the build method of a child of a Scaffold.

When the [Scaffold] is actually created in the same build function, the context argument to the build function can’t be used to find the [Scaffold] (since it’s “above” the widget being returned in the widget tree). In such cases, the following technique with a [Builder] can be used to provide a new scope with a [BuildContext] that is “under” the [Scaffold]

State Lifecycle In Flutter

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return Scaffold(appBar: AppBar(title: Text(‘Demo’)) }

Can display [SnackBar]s and [BottomSheet]s. Retrieve a [ScaffoldState] from the current [BuildContext] using [Scaffold.of].

A more efficient solution is to split your build function into several widgets. This introduces a new context from which you can obtain the [Scaffold]. In this solution, you would have an outer widget that creates the [Scaffold] populated by instances of your new inner widgets, and then in these inner widgets you would use [Scaffold.of].

A less elegant but more expedient solution is assign a [GlobalKey] to the [Scaffold], then use the key.currentState property to obtain the [ScaffoldState] rather than using the [Scaffold.of] function.

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