Socket io In Flutter

Socket io In Flutter :

import 'package:socket_io_client/socket_io_client.dart' as io;

class SocketService {
  createSocketConnection() {
    var socket ='', {
      'transports': ['websocket'],
      'autoConnect': true,
      ..on('connect', (_) {})..on('disconnect', (_) {});


    socket.emit('add_band', {'name': 'fluttertutorial'});
    socket.on('active_bands', _eventHandler);

  void _eventHandler(Object object) {

1) First of all, we need to create class named SocketService where we will declare our variable and methods to control our socket.

2) Socket is connected or not if socket is connected get the socket id (socket id)

3) socket.emit sent to event name and second is object called.

4) socket.on get the live data.

5) specific socket event cancel.

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