TextField In Flutter

TextField In Flutter :

TextField In Flutter

This flutter tutorial post TextField In Flutter.

  • A FormField that contains a TextField.
  • Form Class: optional container for grouping together multiple form field widgets.
  • GlobalKey: Unique indentifier
  • FormState: FormState object can be used to save, reset, validation in FormField.
  • validator: It is return error string. optional. This is used to validation.
  • onSaved: Final value saved.
  • keyboardType: It is inputtype. datetime, numberWithOptions, multiline, emailAddress, number, phone, url etc.
  • onChanged: Content of the widget changes.
  • autofocus: focus true or false.
  • obscure: That is used password, pincode. obscure: true
  • textCapitalization: Input text uppercase, sentences, words,
  • textAlign: left, right, center, justify, start, end.
  • textInputAction: continue, send.
  • autocorrect: true or false.
  • cursorColor: Colors.red
  • cursorRadius: Radius.circular(0.0)
  • cursorWidth: 0.0
  • maxLength: integer
  • prefixIcon: Icon display start.
  • helperText:
  • decoration: InputDecoration(
    border: OutlineInputBorder()

Program :

  decoration: const InputDecoration(
    icon: Icon(Icons.person),
    hintText: '',
    labelText: '',
    filled: true,
    hintStyle: new TextStyle(color: Colors.grey[500]),
  textCapitalization: TextCapitalization.sentences,
  onSaved: (String value) {
  validator: (String value) {
    return value.contains('@') ? 'Do not use the @ char.' : null;

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